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As part of your onboarding, you will have received some bespoke speaker assets, which we encourage you to use to promote your participation in HLTH Europe to your network. The pdf is hyperlinked to our website. If you are using the png file, please include the following link, to direct readers to registration page. europe.hlth.com/register

You will also have received a bespoke discount code which you can share with your colleagues and network to offer a €150 discount off the ticket price at the point of their registration (with the exception of startup tickets, which are not eligible for discount). Ticket prices increase as we approach the event so we encourage attendees to buy early to ensure they secure the best rate.

If you have not received any of the above. please contact us on speakers@europe.hlth.com

To help boost the reach of your post and to generate engagement for you and HLTH Europe we suggest:

  1. You include your discount code to offer colleagues and contacts a €150 discount off the ticket price at the point of their registration.
  2. You write the post in the language of your choice and post on any platform of your choice - feel free to post on multiple platforms (you are welcome to use any of the wording below if you wish).
  3. If you are posting on LinkedIn, please follow us @HLTH Europe and then tag us and @Lina Behrens, our Head of Content in your post, also using #hlth #hltheurope #digitalhealth #healthcare #healthtech

HLTH Europe approved wording (2 short descriptions)

Join Europe's brightest minds at HLTH Europe 2024, Amsterdam, from 17-20 June. The first of its kind to unite every part of the European health ecosystem, HLTH Europe will connect leaders from over 50 countries.

HLTH Europe 2024 will unite Europe's brightest minds in health. The inaugural event, taking place from 17-20 June in Amsterdam, will connect leaders from over 50 countries from every part of the European health ecosystem.

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