🎟️ Sponsor tickets & registration

A Sponsor Pass (sometimes called a Staff ticket) is a ticket that has been purchased by an event sponsor within their sponsorship costs.

  • Each sponsor has a specific amount of passes and a code will be provided to you by the HLTH Europe team to redeem when registering.
  • To redeem your sponsor pass, register for HLTH as normal and you'll have the opportunity to enter in the Staff ticket code on the payments page.
  • You may see a ticket rate while registering, but don't worry, the Sponsor pass will reduce the rate to $0.

You'll also receive a discount code from HLTH to share with your network to offer a specific amount or percentage off for a ticket rate for those who use the code.

  • Anyone can use this code for $150 off the cost of their ticket and there is no limit to the number of people who can use the code.
  • Be aware that the discount code cannot be applied to those registering who qualify for the startup rate ticket

If you have not received your sponsor codes and this is applicable to you, please email sponsors@hlth.com

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