🎟️ Can I register for multiple attendees?

When registering for HLTH Europe, you can register on someone else's behalf, individually or in a group.

Registering for multiple attendees

It is possible to register for multiple attendees when registering for HLTH Europe.

The first registrant will start the registration process as usual, which can be accessed from the HLTH Europe website on the Registration page. If you can't see this page, registration is not open for any events.

NOTE: You'll first be asked to register for a HLTH ID, the details should be of someone who is attending the event, so if you're registering on someone else's behalf, make sure to use their details so they can access their ticket.

  • Registrants can move through the process of registering for the event, including your individual ticket price details.
  • After confirming the ticket price for the first registrant, you'll be given the option to register additional attendees.
  • Clicking + Add another attendee, will allow you to fill in the registration details for any additional attendees.

The next attendee might have another ticket rate, or might qualify for different networking programmes, depending on their details.

Once the second registrant is registered, you'll see this page again. It will also display all the attendees who are now registered for the event.

  • Select the magnifying glass icon to see further details about any of the registrants
  • Select the pencil icon to make changes to any of the registrants
  • Select the bin icon to remove any of the registrations.
    • Note: you cannot remove the original registrant, only edit their details.

Once all the attendees have been added, click continue to payment. If more than 4 people in your group are registered, you'll see a discount code on the payment page to apply to all the registrants for group discounts!

NOTE: The group ticket rate only applies to certain tickets rates and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounted rates or alongside any additional discount codes.

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