🎟️ Reduced ticket rate to HLTH Europe

Attend HLTH Europe at an exclusive discounted rate as a health provider, government employee (or government agency member), non-profit organisation, or an academic body or member.

To qualify for a reduced rate

During your registration we'll ask specific questions to help determine if you qualify. The questions vary based on your registration details and organisation type. If you don't qualify for a discounted ticket, we'll let you know while you're registering and you'll have the option to purchase a standard ticket.

Some additional information

  • You must register using an email address for the company/organisation and not a personal email.
  • You may be asked during your registration to give us more information about your role at the organisation.
  • After you complete registration, you may be asked to provide further verification such as a Government ID or registered Charity Number.
  • We may need to further review your registration details before we approve you. If this is the case, we'll hold your ticket as "Registration pending" until we are able to confirm. The ticket rate will be held as well.
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