💥 Connect Matchmaking: Updating your profile

Navigating to the Connect Program

  • Log into the HLTH Hub using your HLTH ID to access the Connect Program.
  • Once logged in, you should see the Connect icon.
  • Click on it to access the Connect pages.

Note: Only users in the Connect program will be able to see these pages. Contact HLTH if there's any issues accessing the Connect pages

Profile Page

The Profile page allows participants to view two profiles:

  • Company profile - Public details other participants in the programme will see when they view your company
  • Participants profile - the hidden details about the participant(s)

Edit Company Profile

To make changes to anything in the Company profile, click the edit button on the profile card.

    • Here you can update and approve the information for those in your companies
    • Every field can be edited but Company name and Number of meetings.

Once the changes have been made, scroll down to the bottom of the modal and select,

UPDATE ORGANIZATION to save your changes

View Participant(s) Profile

    • If you're a Buyer in the program, you'll only be able to view your own details in the Team profiles, even if there are more Buyers participating within in your company.
      • Each Buyer will have a separate profile.
    • If you're a Solution Provider (Sponsor), you'll see everyone in your company that is registered for HLTH Europe.

Confirm Profile details

To complete your matchmaking preferences, you must confirm your profile details are correct before you can view other pages within the Connect Program by clicking the SAVE & NEXT button in the top right of the page.

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